Brian Morgan

Head Coach, Severna Park High School Girls Varsity Soccer

Ability: Lena is a strong competitor with great determination. She stepped into the starting Center Back role for Severna Park in 2018 and led the team to 16 shutouts. The team conceded only 5 goals largely due to Lena’s capable defending. Lena is dominant in the air and consistently eliminates crosses. She is composed in building out of the back and makes excellent choices with her distribution. Lena is a steady defender 1v1, understands defensive organization and shows good decision-making when tackling and stepping to opponents.

Personality: I have been fortunate to coach Lena for the past 6 years as a trainer and most recently as her high school coach. She is a quiet leader whose consistent work rate positively influences her teammates. She is eager to improve, seeks feedback and supports her teammates. Lena’s confidence has skyrocketed the past few years and her game has reached new heights. Lena has a very high ceiling and I am excited to see her game continue to evolve!

Fabio Ivan Debarros

Head Coach, Baltimore Celtic 2000 (U17) & Baltimore Celtic 1999 (U18), Former Assistant Coach Harford Community College, Former Head Coach Washingtonn Spirit U18, Current Head Coach Baltimore Union U18/U19

Ability: Lena is a fantastic player. For her young age she has outstanding vision and understanding of the game.  She played 2 years up for my 2000 team and helped the team (as a starter) become ranked number 1 in the state. She is really strong in the air and is really committed to the game and the team.

Personality: Since Lena played for my 2 older teams 1999 and 2000 (being a 2002) it was normal that she would feel a little intimidated in the beginning. She might look a little shy at first, but after she adapts she becomes a complete player.

Leo Latonick

Assitant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Severna Park Senior High School

I am the assistant coach on the Girl’s Varsity Basketball team at Severna Park High School in Severna Park, Maryland.  I have become acquainted with Lena through her involvement in our program this year.

As a sophomore, Lena made the varsity for us this year and exceeded all of our expectations throughout the course of the year.  By the end of the year, Lena had become a starter and a major contributor to a team which advanced quite unexpectedly to the Regional Championship game.  In the playoffs, Lena contributed to major upsets of two opponents who had beaten us convincingly during the regular season.  These wins would not have been possible without her significant contributions.  The overall team improvement during the course of the year coincided, in large part, with her own personal significant improvement.

Lena possesses all of the attributes of someone who you’d want on any team.  She is athletic, hard working, unselfish, humble, quietly confident and very team oriented.  As one of our younger players, she was surprisingly calm and seemingly unfazed by the pressures of our most important games.  She has very high athletic IQ.  Success did not change her and she continued to outwork her teammates in practice even after she had secured a starting spot on the team.

Thus far, her leadership has come via her actions in practice and games.  However, as she becomes a more senior member of her athletic teams I have no doubt that she will be an excellent vocal leader and role model for the younger players on her teams to follow.

She was a pleasure to coach this year and I have no doubt that there will be many more coaches in her future who feel the same way that I do.

Pat Kelly

Head Coach, JV, Severna Park High School

Ability: Lena was a huge part of the success of the junior varsity program in the fall of 2016. Because of her presence on the field, we conceded only 2 goals the entire season. Lena is tall, aggressive and has an exceptional soccer IQ. She has a great first touch, defends very well, sees the field and distributes the ball beyond her years.

Personality: I have had the pleasure of coaching Lena last fall for the local high school (Severna Park). She is one of the most coachable players I’ve had the opportunity to coach. She is always eager to learn more and apply what she has learned.

Brian Holt

Head Coach, Severna Park Green Hornets

Ability: Helena was always one of the most athletic girls in our organization. Her presence was a dominant factor in every game, she controlled the center of the field from start to finish. Her height, speed and overall athleticism always set her apart from her peers. Always found a way to make everyone around her better!

Personality: Lena was always a leader on the team. She always put in 100% whether it was practice or games. She was well liked and always made new players on the team feel welcome and included. She even suggested that we add an additional night of practice which I accommodated. She always had a positive attitude, worked hard under diversity, pulling the team together, and finding a better way toward success. She was always a joy to be around!

Erica Suter

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Baltimore Celtic

Lena has been a joy to work with as a soccer coach and strength/conditioning coach.  She is very coachable and has one of the best work ethics I have seen. She is a smart player, who has great field vision and can do quick moves in tight spaces and under pressure.  Not only is she technically strong, she is also very fit and strong.